Covid-19 Secure Information

****  Update Monday 19th July 2021****

The Hall will reopen with full facilities on Monday 19th July 2021, 

The trustees have conducted a detailed risk assessment in line with Government guidance. Suitable advised control measures have been introduced that, if adhered to by all parties, will minimise the risks of using the Hall.

From July 19th onwards, there are no Government-imposed restrictions on numbers.  Any limit is therefore subject to the discretion of the hirer. The exact number recommended will depend of the type of activity planned and the proposed layout of the Hall.  You should discuss your specific requirements with the Bookings Officer.

All furniture, table, chairs, etc will be disinfected by our Caretaker before and after your visit.

Below is a copy of our Frequently Asked Questions which is a comprehensive list of all the information you will need to know.

Click here to download Frequently Asked Questions document

The trustees are very conscious that the Hall is a community facility and we want to get back into operation.  Your support is vital in order to make this decision financially viable, and we hope you can find a reason to hire the Hall for business or pleasure.

For further clarification or to reserve a date, please contact the Bookings Officer on 07468 109515 or by email on