Bayeux Tapestry Panels

How the Panels came to the Brownsword Hall

The Brownsword Hall has been chosen as home for a series of painted panels representing the Bayeux Tapestry.  Local artist Dorothy Boyeson who created the panels decided to find a permanent home where they could be displayed for people to see.  The hunt for a home was facilitated by BBC South Today and the trustees of the Hall were keen to volunteer.

They were delighted that the Hall was selected from a number of applications, as a lovely place in Dorset for them to be displayed.  This is particularly appropriate as Dorchester has been twinned with Bayeux since 1959, a link forged by the Dorset Regiment liberating Bayeux from occupation on 7th June 1944.

The panels were unveiled at a special ceremony featuring members of the Village Hall Trust and Dorchester Deputy Mayor in October 2018.

The hall is not open at all times, so anyone wishing to view the panels should contact the Bookings Officer on 07468 109515 to make arrangements to visit when the hall is empty.